Successful Sellers understand Customer Service

When you put your property on the market, you are like a merchant that has just opened a store. You have a product that you want people to buy. To sell your product, you must provide customer service.
Consider what you might want if you were a customer.
One requirement that customers want is convenient hours. You can’t sell your product, if you are never open.
Sellers sometimes make it extremely difficult for Buyers to see their product. Would you shop in a store that required a 24 hour notice? Not likely. Yet this is exactly what some home sellers do. Then they wonder why so few people look at their home.
Like you, Buyers have busy schedules. Often, when they have time to look at homes, they will contact their Realtor® the night before or that morning, and pick the homes that they would like to look at. If you are one of those that requires a 24 hour notice, your home is crossed off the list.
Most Sellers wanting a 24 hour notice are concerned about having their home ready for a showing. The easiest solution to that is to always have your home ready. Simply having everyone make their beds in the morning, and putting things away after using them, will make your home ready. You don’t need to do extensive cleaning before every showing. Buyers understand that someone lives in the home.
Next is presentation. The first things Buyers see is the front of your house. They will form an immediate opinion when they pull into your driveway. Many Sellers will have bushes trimmed and gardens freshly mulched, yet their driveway and sidewalk look dirty.
Power washing these areas is such a simple solution. This simple task can do wonders, yet so many Sellers neglect to do it. Also, have it done before your Realtor® takes exterior pictures of your home. Most Buyers view your home on the Internet. A dirty driveway sticks out and a gives the picture of your home a grimy look.
On the subject of pictures, have your home ready when your Realtor® takes pictures. It is amazing how many pictures that I see on the Internet, where there are dirty dishes on the counter, cluttered bathroom vanities, and assorted disarray.
Review the pictures that your Realtor® takes, before they are put into the Multiple Listing Service and the Internet. Once they hit cyberspace, they are there forever.
Finally, when your home is being shown, either go for a walk or become a wall flower. There is nothing worse than a Seller hovering over the Realtor® and the potential Buyers. Just as most of us dislike a pushy salesperson in a store, Buyers dislike a Seller hovering of them, ready to pounce on every comment or explain in endless detail every tiny detail of their home.
If you go for walk, give the Realtor® your cell phone number, in case a question comes up. If you stay there during the showing, again, stay in the background. If there is a question, the Realtor® or Buyer will come to you.
Jim Weix is Broker/Owner of The Real Estate Company, Inc., with offices in Martin and St. Lucie counties. He can be reached at 772-288-1900 or